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  Hospital Beds
Multi-Function Electric Bed : USI-994
Attendant LCD Control panel

Intensive Care Electric Bed : USI-995
Multi function electric bed : USI-996

ICU Bed Electric
(ABS plateform, panels & side railings.) : USI-993
ICU Bed Electric
(ABS panels & side railings.) : USI-997

ICU Bed Electric
(ABS panels) : USI-1000
ICU Bed Mechanically
(ABS panels & side railings) : USI-943

ICU Bed Mechanically
(ABS panels) : USI-963
ICU Bed Mechanically
Fixed Height (ABS panels) : USI-998

Hospital Fowler Bed
(MS Capsule Tube Panels) : USI-999
Hospital Fowler Bed
(ABS panels & side railings) : USI-984

Hospital Fowler Bed
(STD.) : USI-1002
Hospital Semi Fowler Bed
(ABS panels) : USI-965

Hospital Semi Fowler Bed
(SS panels) : USI-1003
Hospital semi-fowler bed
(STD) : USI-1051

Hospital Semi Fowler Bed STD.
(Wire-mesh) : USI-952
Hospital Bed Plain STD.
(Wire-mesh) : USI-953

Hospital Bed Plain STD.
: USI-1012
Pediatric Bed
: USI-1011

Attendant Bed
: USI - 1064
Attendant Bed cum Chair
: USI - 1010

Care Recliner
: USI - 936