Hospital Beds
Accessories of Hospital Beds
Surgical Operating Table
Delivery Beds / Tables
Surgical Operating Lights
Patient Transfer Trolleys
Invalid Wheelchair & Walking Aids
Neonatal Equipment
Examination Tables
Ward Equipment
Ward/O.T. Equipment
O.T. Equipment
Other Hospital Equipment

Surgical And Disposable products

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Surgical And Disposable products

Cotton Rolls
Cotton Balls

Bleached Cotton
Gauze Rolls

Gauze Bandages
Gauze Swabs

Lap Sponge
Paraffin Gauze

Elastic Crepe Bandages
Elastic Adhesive Crepe Bandage

Operation Dressing Pads
Eye Pads

Adhesive Bandages
Orthopedic Rolls

Needles & Syringes
Alcohol Swabs

Examination Gloves
IV Cannula

 First Aid kits
Urine Bags

Adhesive Tape