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  Surgical Operating Lights
Surgical Operating Lights : USI-CT7070

Surgical operation Lamps are routine equipments needed in an operating room, used for operation illumination in medical institutions. Multi-Facet-entirely Shadowless Lamps can create ever illuminant brightness and optimal
effect through reflection of light from over 3800 reflective lenses.

Integral Reflection Cold Light Source astral Lamp Integral reflection Cold Light Source Multi-mirror-planed Lamp Cold Light Source vertical astral Lamp
Core parts of operation Lamp

Performance of core Parts of operation Lamp

Performance of core Parts of Common Domestically Produced operation Lamp

Switching Power

External voltage between 170v and 260V can be transferred into 24V safe voltage, without affecting change
of colour temperature (lamp color)

Adopt power source equipped with a transformer. The fluctuation of external voltage will directly affect the brightness of lamp, prone to cause fatigue for the doctor's eyes and lead to deflagration of lamp bulb

Double Brake System

ABS brake system and damping brake system can switched from each other

Only damping brake system

Infrared Filter

Adopt 70 processes of gilded dura mater, providing real heat isolation and prolonging the service life of operation Lamp

Manufactured with simple process, reducing hear isolation effect, disadvantageous for high temperature disinfection, thus affecting service life


Adopt cntinuous revolting high-pure electrolysis reflector, manufactured in closed sterile work shop; can reach optimal reflection effect and focus depth

Manufactured with simple process under ordinary environment, with fine particles on the surface, affecting service effect and service life